CoPuppy — New And Safe Dapp Process Used in Binance smart chain

2 min readAug 31, 2021


About CoPuppy

CoPuppy Innovatively introduces collectibles, games and finance concepts, NFT collectibles have invaluable value, games introduce a deflationary model, and increase NFT scalability through financial lending.

What is CoPuppy?

CoPuppy is a new and secure, opportunity-and-fun dapp process deployed on the Binance smart chain, friendly and open to developers, allowing it to be compatible with mainstream and innovative DeFi products.

Copupy supports several types of native DEFI applications, it can help developers and users experience a new NFT experience. At CoPuppy, NFT is not just a pool, but also decentralized and non-exchangeable gaming applications, lending protocols, cross-chain protocols and DEX.

CP (CoPuppy Token) is a token for the Copupy platform.

Burning CP can obtain NFT with exclusive copyright and participate in the ecological construction of the platform. CP is the only blockchain platform that uses NFT to replace token governance equity. Users holding CP can experience DEFI’s innovative finance, games, movies, music, video games, streaming media, and a series of “Build By Puppy” to form a unique NFT on Binance Smart Chain’s open network, and complete ecological governance.

Buy CoPuppy
ZT, BitZ, BKEX, PancakeSwap (V2), and MEXC.

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