DUCATUS - A Web Wallet That Runs On All Windows, Linux, macOS, And Mobile Desktop Platforms


Bitcoin’s development faced several challenges but the issue which took the longest to solve, and is still ongoing, was how to build acceptance and trust amongst a signifcant global user base. Without user acceptance, there are fewer users of the coins and thus lower demand which in turn slows the rate at which the coin penetrates the global market. Our goal is to achieve the same level of market penetration as Bitcoin within a much shorter period and to facilitate this we are establishing the Ducatus Cashless Economy.

What is The Ducatus Cashless Economy?

The Ducatus Cashless Economy is a group of affliate businesses that accept Ducatus and/or other cryptocurrencies in return for goods and services.

These businesses are being rolled out to enable holders of Ducatus Coins to enjoy real value outside the crypto community. In addition, we also continuously seek out forward-thinking merchants who recognize and believe in the spending power of today’s consumers. The consumers who pay digitally, online, and are using or want to use cryptocurrency in their everyday transactions.

We believe that this is a critical part of building Ducatus’ global presence and will serve as an important anchor for Ducatus’ acceptance globally.

To date, we have already launched:

  • Ducatus Merchants
  • Ducatus Charity
  • Ducatus Franchise (Ducatus Cafe, D-MOB, Proof of Gold)
  • Ducatus Travel
  • Ducatus Property
  • Ducatus Health & Beauty
  • Remus Nation E commerce

Ducatus is a great solution for daily payment transactions such as:

  • Paying for goods
  • Cross-border transfers
  • Bank deposits creation

Ducatus is a fully digital value because the so called double-spending problem is completely solved. When you send something over the Internet you cannot keep a copy for yourself, however, on the Ducatus blockchain you can only do this with DUC and the protocol is not compatible with other assets hence offers maximum security.

At Ducatus, our vision is to create user-oriented blockchains that offer transparency and accessibility to every type of user. The Ducatus ecosystem exists as a web-wallet that runs on all desktop platforms Windows, Linux, macOS and mobile for iOS platforms and Android. Users can send transactions and accept payments not only in DUC and DUCX but also in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Ethereum and USDC, PAX and GUSD tokens. More coins and tokens will be added in the future.


The DucatusX blockchain is a protocol capable of digitizing and limiting the quantity of any asset, not just DUCX. Like many exciting new protocols, it creates an additional layer of applications on top of the Internet. The current generation Internet (Web 2.0) is the Internet of centralized databases, DucatusX offers a real alternative. While Web 2.0 is oversaturated and dominated by giant corporations, Web 3.0 is a blank canvas that opens up endless possibilities for building value-driven applications.

Tokenization and DRC 20 standard is the printing press for digital value. With these, DucatusX enables anyone to recreate any asset, set the number of units, and transfer its ownership between different parties.

What is the difference between DUC and DUCX?

While DUC and DUCX are complementary in the Ducatus ecosystem, each has its own characteristics and functionalities:

  • DUC is based on Litecoin, DUCX is based on Ethereum.
  • DUCX supports smart contracts.
  • DUC is used primarily as a mode of payment within the Ducatus cashless economy.
  • DUCX is used primarily for trading.

Swap between Ducatus and DucatusX

In the wallet, users can not only carry out transactions on the Ducatus and DucatusX networks but can also exchange their Ducatus Coins for DucatusX coins either way at a currently fxed rate of 1DUCX = 10DUC at any time in a manner of minutes.



  • Total number of DUC is fxed at maximum 7,778,742,049
  • Low fees, fast transactions, staking rewards
  • Strong supporting community, merchant acceptance for payments


  • Total number of DUCX is fxed at maximum 777,874,204
  • Low fees, smart contracts available
  • Only trusted projects, no scam token
  • Strong supporting community, exchange traded

Manage Ducatus and DucatusX

To manage Ducatus and DucatusX you can use our Ducatus Wallet


Ducatus <-> DucatusX conversion

DucatusX (DucX) can be converted from and into Ducatus (DUC) by a currently fxed ratio of 1:10 on https://www.ducatuscoins.com/buy or inside the wallet using the swap function.

Ducatus <-> DucatusX conversion

DucatusX (DucX) can be converted from and into Ducatus (DUC) by a currently fxed ratio of 1:10 on https://www.ducatuscois.com/buy or inside the wallet using the swap function.

For More Information :

Website : http://ducatuscoins.com/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/WeAreDucatus

Twitter : https://twitter.com/DucatusX

Telegram : https://t.me/ducatuschannel

Btt Profile : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile



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