Fidelis Crypto — Tokens for Loyalty Programs that users can rely on

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FIDELIS, the first cryptocurrency for Loyalty Programs!

The Fidelis Platform and the FIDELIS Token (FDLS, Φ) are part of a solution to bring together the most diverse Rewards Programs (Loyalty Programs) under the same protocol, with blockchain security and support for Smart Contracts) as BSC (Binance Smart Chain).

The evolution in loyalty points!
Before, you earned points for consuming a product, using a service and exchanged it for gifts, trips and bonuses. Now, on top of all that, you can earn and accumulate a deflationary cryptocurrency! You can redeem it for products and services in various rewards programs or turn it into cash on the free market. Or if you prefer, wait for the currency to appreciate!

Characteristics of Fidelis Crypto

The features offered by Fidelis Crypto enable users to be able to use products and services on a platform and they will get rewards in the form of tokens for this. Users can earn more if they increase their activity in using the product or service. But that’s not all, there are several other features of Fidelis Crypto:

  • Exchange: users can exchange their FDLS tokens for products from Fidelis Crypto partners or users can exchange their tokens on the provided marketplace.
  • Deflationary Token: FDLS is a token designed for loyalty programs and it is a deflationary token whose price will increase as the supply of this token decreases.
  • BSC: it is planned that the FDLS token will be launched on the BSC platform, which will offer security, speed, and lower fees for user transactions.



The rewards programs of the FIDELIS Platform can advance in such a way that the number of tokens in the LOYALTY PROGRAM Wallet becomes scarce to accommodate new rewards programs. When the number of tokens in the LOYALTY PROGRAM Wallet falls below 49,500,000 FDLS (5% of the initial Supply), new tokens can be produced to replenish the LOYALTY PROGRAM wallet and with prior notice to holders.

As stated above, these tokens cannot be traded on the FREE MARKET.

Meet the Fidelis Crypto project team


Fidelis Crypto is here as a utility token that will be used for loyalty programs. By collaborating with various parties, Fidelis Crypto will provide an opportunity for the platform to be able to develop a loyalty program that will reward users in the form of tokens that they can exchange for various products or other cryptocurrencies.

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