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About NuGenesis

NuGenesis is a fully completed native blockchain originally built for Government and transnational corporate applications. In the context of building a blockchain for Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC’s), and an exchange clearing house for settlement, limitations to scaling and speed, latency and reliance on human miners and validators had to be eliminated. Security had to be enhanced, its integrity underscored by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and carbon neutral in its efficiency.


Benefits of using Our Solution

The NuGenesis ecosystem is the most conducive interface to welcome mainstream capital flow. We cater for mainstream expectations by providing:

New frontiers for the creation of crypto assets including beyond tokens and in virtual reality.

A true interoperable experience agnostic as between blockchain assets and dApps.

A decentralised, and safer, fiat-crypto-crypto-fiat exchange through which to invest.

Through serialised Digital assets, hack-proof confidence in building assets for personal and commercial use including multi-sig wallets and such conditions for mortgaging new and existing asset acquisitions in a modern real defi capital market (lost of stolen mnemonics, wallets and crypto assets can, subject to verification, be burned and true ownership restored).

Off-line satellite payment systems and local remittance offices.

Legal and commercial certainty in the status of their crypto,identity integrity, duties and standards of conduct and disclosure and access to arbitration justice.

• Safe and Secure
• Instant Exchange
• World Coverage

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