Hello everyone, Introducing a project that will make the investment opportunities provided by tokens a reality, using industry standard best practices and ensuring compliance with financial regulations, namely Seasonal Tokens.

Here the interests of investors have been the highest priority at every stage.

Ruadhan has gone through KYC with to give investors assurance that the team will fulfill their legal obligations. The code has been engineered using best practices, and audited by three independent teams to ensure that it does exactly what it was intended to do. Smart contracts go through a rigorous automated and public testing process before being deployed on the main ethereum network. As a result of these efforts, investors can achieve a high level of confidence in the security, functionality, and compliance with token regulations.

The long-term vision is a future where any investor can include tokens in their portfolio, either as a primary investment, or to hedge the seasonal value of other investments.

What are Seasonal Tokens?

They’re cryptocurrencies, mined using proof-of-work, like bitcoin. They’re designed so that, if you trade them in a cycle, you’ll end up with more than you started with.

There are four tokens, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Once every nine months, the rate of production of one of the tokens is cut in half. The token that’s produced at the fastest rate becomes the slowest. Spring tokens are currently produced at the fastest rate of the four. In June, the Spring halving will take place, and Spring will then become the most difficult of the four to mine.

They’ve been designed this way to benefit investors. Winter tokens are currently produced at the slowest rate of the four, and they have the highest cost of production. As a result, they’re the most expensive token to buy, and Spring is the cheapest. Investors can trade Winter tokens for Spring today and increase the total number of tokens they own. When the rate of production of Spring tokens is halved, the cost of production will double. Spring will become the most expensive token to produce, and the price can be expected to rise over the following months as the market adjusts to the decrease in the supply and the increase in the cost of production. Over time, Spring tokens will tend to become the most expensive of the four.

These features make the tokens an investment, not a gamble. There’s a safety mechanism that prevents losses, there’s no need to speculate about public opinion, and there’s no need to inflict a loss to get a profit. The number of tokens in your investment will never go down and will sometimes go up.

Trustless and Fair

Most tokens are created in large quantities at the time that they launch, and the developer gets all of them and everybody else gets none.

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