Socialogue: Decentralized Autonomous Organization

About Socialogue

Socialogue is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization — a place where the control is handed over to the people. As in real-life democratic countries, without the people, there would be no country, so as Socialogue wouldn’t exist without the NFT lovers, artists, fans and collectors. Therefore, we have established a virtual senate, ruled by DAO principles and led by Socialogue’s community.

What Are Socialoguers

Socialoguer NFTs grants you a seat in one of the world’s first virtual DAO Senates. Consisting of only 10,000 NFT holders, Socialougue Senate is a place where the platform’s governance has been given into its peoples’ hands. Socialoguer NFT also guarantees active and passive incomes, paid in $SLG tokens. Earn by voting in the DAO Senate and staking your NFTs. It’s not your average NFT marketplace: at Socialogue, talk & trade, build communities and rule — all in one place.
Save the date: on the 29th of December 2021, the first 1000 Socialoguers’ NFTs will be released up for grabs. Use your chance to be first in line to rule the Socialogue platform while earning money at the same time.

How does Socialogue — The Social NFT Marketplace — work?

Socialogue has been developed to solve the current problems of the NFT market. The users are hungry for more: more connection, more ownership, and more power. Oh, and fewer fees. To meet these demands, we’ve connected two elements — a social network and an NFT marketplace into a single platform and put it on steroids. Besides being one of the first social NFT marketplaces, Socialogue’s vision is to become the first decentralized social network and marketplace for artists, NFT creators, and collectors.

3 Main Socialogue’s Functions

  1. NFT Marketplace
    At Socialogue, NFT artists get the recognition they deserve. Our users earn from content. Due to the magic of blockchain — anything can be owned and monetized. Imagine making your post an NFT and putting it up for sale. At Socialogue — it’s possible. There’s no middle man to tell you otherwise.

Socialogue Senate

The Socialogue Senate is a unique community where each member of the Senate has the right to offer their suggestions on improving the community and the platform and has the right to vote and express themselves freely. The rules in this democratic social marketplace are simple — one NFT equals one vote. Therefore, the only thing we condemn in this society is the lack of integrity with your word and your token.

Become a Socialogue Senate member by purchasing one of the 10,000 Socialogue NFT collectibles. The sale is happening soon. Don’t miss out.


  • DAO
    Every Socialogue NFT holder becomes a member of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Senate. DAO Senate members participate in major Socialogue platform decisions.


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