Values — Metaverse Reserve Protocol on Polygon Network

Hello everyone, I try to introducing a Metaverse backup protocol project on the Polygon Network namely Values. and to find out more details let’s just get on with it.

Values is building a community-owned decentralized financial infrastructure to bring more stability and transparency for the metaverse space. Join The DAO

Every $VALUES token is supported by a crate of resources (for example MAI, FRAX) in the Values depository, giving it a natural worth that it can’t fall beneath.

How Values Works?

    Bonds & LP fees — Bond sales and LP Fees increase Values Treasury Revenue and lock in liquidity and help control VALUES supply.

How might I profit from Values

The primary advantage for stakers comes from supply development. The otter reaps new $VALUES tokens from the depository, most of which are conveyed to the stakers much obliged for the $VALUES tokens they advertised. Subsequently, the addition for stakers will come from their auto-intensifying equilibriums, however value openness stays a significant thought. That is, assuming the increment in symbolic equilibrium outperforms the expected drop in cost because of expansion, stakers would create a gain.

Values rewards stakers with compounding interest, increasing their VALUES & NFT holdings over time.

The principle benefit for bonders comes from value consistency. Bonders submit a capital forthright and are guaranteed a decent return at a set moment; that return is in $VALUES and in this manner the bonder’s benefit would rely upon $VALUES cost when the bond develops. Bonders benefit from a rising or static $VALUES cost.

Who made Values

Values is a fork of OlympusDAO with its turn applied for NFT space on the Polygon Network that will help different tasks construct a decentralized metaverse.Thecenter group has consolidated involvement with software engineering, cryptography, economy, and plan. Followed by long stretches of involvement with crypto.They like to remain for the most part mysterious for the achievement of this task as a result of our target turning into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

Values intends to address this by making a free-drifting store money, $VALUES, that is supported by a bin of resources. By zeroing in on supply development instead of estimating appreciation, Values trusts that $VALUES can work as a cash that can hold its buying power paying little heed to showcase unpredictability.


Values is aim to become Metaverse Reserve Protocol. In a short term, we would be focusing on expansion. By combining NFTs and bonding system, Values could become the first OHM fork with NFT loyalties.
Detailed roadmap soon…

Please follow the link below for more information :


Author: cold_murchete
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Polygon address: 0x21176939a87A48cFDfA07147159F2097d5917f3a



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