YARLOO — “Revenue Sharing Token” Project

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About Yarloo

Yarloo is a new take on the lottery gambling system well known to everyone around the globe. We felt that the current state of lottery is quite… lacking, to say the least. It’s not fun, the risks are too high and your chances are dim.

What makes Yarloo unique, however, is how it utilizes the NFT system, making it the main engine behind the entry tickets. If you want to participate, you will have to enter by planning out a specific set of cards that you own.

Combining cards can usually net you special attributes, depending on the rarity and type of the card, and the compatibility features it could have with other cards that you may own. Cards are your entry ticket, and it’s the only way you can try your shot at winning the jackpot.


  • RST

Yarloo is the world’s first project to implement a technology known as “Revenue Sharing Token”, which allows the community to receive 30% of Yarloo’s profits to serve the ecosystem upon which it is built.

  • NFT

We’re also the first lottery project in crypto history to utilize NFT cards as your main entry ticket system in any pool! This means instead of buying tickets, your tickets are represented by the cards you’re using in your lottery pools.

  • DeFi

You’ll be able to benefit financially from Yarloo thanks to its hybrid DeFi system, mainly by allowing you to earn 2% of a pool’s profits if you’re its creator, and by benefiting from our RST ecosystem if you’re holding enough $YARL!


On Yarloo, you will be able to participate in a number of financially beneficial activities, including, but not limited to:

  • Solo Lottery Jackpots
  • Team Lottery Jackpots
  • Fortune Spinners
  • NFT Trading Center
  • Yarloo Wallet (for staking and exchanging our tokens)
  • Arcade Games
  • DeFi Lending & Borrowing System

Tokenomics (TBA)


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